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    Our Research Approach


It is significant to build trust and connections before the research work starts to achieve the best result for your project. 


Your research partner, the consultancy team, will work with you to understand your goals through knowledge exchange, together we come up with a study that will deliver high-impact results.


​Our research consultants can tag along share their knowledge in the initial stages and throughout iterative synthesis, scaling back once you’ve got the hang of everything.


That’s why we’re proud to have an extensive network of partners across the globe brought together by a shared goal that brings this mission to unlock the mysteries of the human brain.

Research Strategy


Integrative Neuroscience Initiative is your way of spearheading the integratory lynchpins needed to cross-scale in under-

standing brain functioning.


Such studies include the circadian rhythm based on molecular cascades, motion detection based on receptive fields of retinal neurons leading to the visual cortex, etc.

However, applying mathematics in most circumstances is necessary to achieve the integration theoretically when experimental studies cannot bridge the different brain functions that define integrative neuroscience.



                Invite for PIs and
           Funding Organizations

Principal Investigators with funding who

would like to enlist the expertise of the

Integrative NeuroScience Initiative,




     Integrative Neuroscience Intiative



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