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                                                The Journal of Multiscale Neuroscience uses a Diamond Open Access model.                                                   We provide Access, thanks to the support of the Integrative Neuroscience Group.                                            This means that the accepted  article  can be accessed immediately once the final version has been published with completely no charge to readers. Unlike Gold Open Access, we also do not charge a publication fee to authors to publish in the journal: there is no Author Processing Charge (APC). This will be operational until an impact factor will be granted by Clarivate Analytics. We expect this will be in the first year of its operation. 


The Journal aims to advance multiscale analysis of brain complexity by simplifying complex neuroscientific problems into various submolecular, molecular and cellular, and circuit mechanisms by analyzing multiscale phenomena underlying consciousness and higher-order brain functions for their implementation and translation into artificial systems. 


The Journal's scope encompasses diverse neuroscience techniques and principles, including biopsychological and theoretical principles of nonTuring computation, focusing on advances in the multiscale analysis of brain complexity that can describe multiscale phenomena  at different dynamical

scales through their operationally observable multiscale mechanisms.


This journal publishes research papers, theoretical articles, and reviews in analytical approaches in neuroscience and behavioral, clinical, and cognitive psychology. Articles include original research, reviews, commentary, short communication, peer-reviewed articles.


All articles published are peer-reviewed and, upon acceptance made immediately available worldwide under open access, publishing is beneficial for researchers to improve recognition, representation, and visibility in academia.

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